We are proud to present our next Building Construction in Zanzibar.

We are building the next all purposes mall in Kiwengwa, locate on the cross junction of the main roads in the village and a residential area with modern concept houses and services suitable for holidays or long term living and also a good opportunity for a sure successfully investment.

In almost the half of the building area will take place the new Itaset HQ and a mall where are available different kind of spaces for shops and service activities.

The Mall will be provided by public toilets, common facilities and emergency electric and water supply.

In the other part of the building area will take place a residence costruction oriented to offer high level quality standard flats and houses for holidays or long term living.

The houses are thought with modern architectural concept to keeps people  grounded in modernity after they have tasted all the fascinating and sometimes too strong feelings of Africa around.

The residence area will be compounded and provided by services like pool, security 24h and emergency water and electricity supply.

Feel free to download the project concept from here and contact us for any further details you will need.

The construction works are already started but are still available option for buying commercial and residential spaces